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The Drunkalogues

Oct 26, 2021

When I first started making this podcast I knew even less about sound recording and mixing than I do now, but I have picked up a few small bits of knowledge along the way and did go back and re-mix this very first episode because it was pointed out to me - when first released - that it was actually impossible to listen to in the car.

Tommy Swerdlow is perhaps best known for writing the 90s family hit, COOL RUNNINGS, about the Jamaican Olympic bobsledding team, and for his more recent success writing THE GRINCH. But at the height of his success in the 90s, he was also battling an epic heroin addiction. He chronicled these experiences in his amazing and very funny directorial debut A THOUSAND JUNKIES and fictionalized them in his recent, hilarious and moving crime novel, STRAIGHT DOPE.