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The Drunkalogues

Jun 7, 2022

Billy Sullivan is a musician and composer for movies and TV. It's all he ever really wanted: a career in music. And while he turned pro when he was only 16 years old - he only found a path to the real deal once he got sober.


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Apr 13, 2022

Thomas V. was born in Austria to parents who had recently lived thru World War II. He quickly rebelled against their old world values joining the protest movement and discovering booze, weed and psychedelics all of which eventually led to... heroin. He managed to wean himself off smack with a liter-a-day booze habit...

Feb 16, 2022

Fifi Dosch grew up in Aberdeen South Dakota where a relentless lack of joy stemmed perhaps from a deep belief that she could never fit in. Indeed, she felt if she expressed joy the way she felt; it might actually get her killed. She escaped via film school that brought her to Boseman, Montatna and then a stand up career...

Jan 11, 2022

I wanted to re-run this episode because it deserves MORE LOVE!  I laughed so hard during this episode and found in Fielding a sparring partner I could trade jabs with for hours.  She has a new season of BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS out now!


Fielding Edlow is a writer and stand up comedian who created and stars in the...

Dec 21, 2021

I love this episode for Kevin's humor in the face of such dire circumstances.  Since we recorded it, he has gotten married and continued to find fulfillment and success in his career in recovery.


After 8 years sober, Kevin McGahey relapsed while working for a management company in the entertainment industry and...