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The Drunkalogues

Jul 26, 2022

Love the radical turn this second half of Mark's story suddenly takes.   Really did. not. see it coming.

I haven't seen Mark since he recorded this.  We traded emails during the pandemic.  He'd had an accident of some sort and was in a Motel in West LA and needed a ride to the doctor.  I couldn't take him but offered to send an uber but his phone was dying and I haven't heard from him since.  Mark!  Get in touch...


This is part 2 of a two part interview I chose to air in its entirety because the first part feels like the kind of drug misadventure that movies are made from, but this second part is something different and it explores the kind of spiritual awakening you don't hear a lot about these days. It's radically different, I think, and yet bears so many tantalizing similarities.


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