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The Drunkalogues

Nov 8, 2022

Hannah Sward grew up in a commune in Santa Cruz where her father was a prolific poet. Her parents split when she was young and a lot of her early journey was shaped by a quest to reunite with her younger sister in Los Angeles. That quest that took her first to Chicago where she quickly became a call girl to raise enough money to pay the tuition at an acting conservatory that did eventually bring her to LA. Reunited, the two sisters started working together as dancers at various LA strip clubs. But the pressure to stay young and hot eventually led her to pick up speed to maintain her figure which took its toll on her body not to mention her soul. Eventually, she picked up the bottle and entered the world of sugar daddies before an important mother figure in her life helped her get sober and finally live out her life long dream of becoming a writer. I loved this conversation. It’s raw and direct and vulnerable without a hint of self-pity. She has a new book out now called STRIP.


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